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My Personal Experience with Nevada Attorney Marc Randazza and the Randazza Legal Group Law Firm by Blogger Crystal Cox, Randazza's former client and target of a SLAPP suit he filed to silence me, steal my blogs, and suppress my First Amendment Rights.

In my experience Nevada Attorney Marc Randazza abuses the court process to create a media and blog storm of false information in order to affect court cases and get whatever it is that he wants from the target litigant, oftentimes that is simply REVENGE. 

Marc Randazza files court court motions and lawsuits against litigants, says whatever defamatory and false statement he wants, then he get's his buddies, a group of attorneys, tech bloggers, and other online media to report on the story. Another words to quote his version of the facts of the case.

These gang stalking attorneys think that if they keep posting the LIE that the courts and public will believe it, just because they are the "authority". And guess what? It works. And these flat out lies, opinions and allegations made by these "experts" in the field, attorneys and well known media are then used in court cases as actual evidence and it works, though it is NOT adjudicated. 

Such as Marc Randazza did to get a preliminary injunction against blogger Crystal Cox, me, and steal massive domain names without First Amendment Adjudication.

Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group operate in multiple states and Canada. Do you homework folks, if Marc Randazza targets you, odds are VERY high you will not win, and you will pay his legal fees to attack you. And if he really has it out for ya, he will paint you as a CRIMINAL and try and set you up for some prison time.

Marc Randazza abuses the power of the courts and his connections with media, attorneys, judges, and more to target litigants and create illusions for personal gain.

In my experience Marc Randazza uses bloggers, attorneys, court filings, motions, protective orders, his own blog, twitter and other big and small media outlets and connections to harass, defame, bully, and taunt his target. He and his “friends” do this to affect court cases, created evidence to give to judges, and to manipulate the legal process.

In my case, Randazza v. CoxMarc Randazza, his wife Jennifer Randazza and their 3 old daughter sued me. Yes a 3 year old entered into a "contract" per say, and sued a blogger.

Marc Randazza filed the lawsuit against me, Crystal Cox, in November of 2012. After he filed the lawsuit, he did NOT bother to serve me, email me nor notify me in any way. Though he had my email because he was my attorney for a short time. And he had also emailed me threatening I either give him or suffer the toll of him being my enemy.

Instead of contacting me, serving me. He simply stated his version of the truth and fact, in which I say are flat out lies, false information and bad law. Then he got his gang stalkers to report on the case. I believe TechDirt was the first. I did not even know I was sued and here this case was being used to defame me, trash me, and to harm other cases I was in.

I read it online and contacted the courts to serve myself so I could set the record straight. That did not work as his buddies, the courts, the judges, godaddy, legal bloggers, media; well they said whatever Marc Randazza told them to and the facts, evidence and TRUTH was simply not something they bother to or cared to look into.

Marc Randazza also used his buddies, connections, and those I am told and allege that he paid to taunt me online, to text me threats and to make me feel as if I was in constant danger, under constant surveillance and had no life I could live outside of what Marc Randazza allowed.

Purpose of Randazza v. Cox

The sole purpose of this lawsuit, this SLAPP suit with no merit, in my opinion, was simply to paint me in false light, intimidate me, cost me energy, ruin the quality of my life, ruin my reputation, and teach me a "lesson" for stand up to Marc Randazza and exercising my Free Speech to say what I wanted about him.

Marc Randazza has had my blogs removed, redirected domain names and shut down massive online content where I exercised my Free Speech and talked about him, spoke critical of him. And at the same time tries to convince the public that he is for Free Speech for all. And that I am the exception because I used his Trademark? Really? How do you speak critical of a person or business and not use their name, which Marc Randazza calls a "Trademark"?

Marc Randazza had no legal leg to stand on in this legal action and should NOT have wasted the courts time, as seen in this ORDER denying his summary judgment against me and pointing out all his legal flaws in his case.

Marc Randazza sues his target in order to pressure them to settle, to pay his fees, or give him what he wants, whatever that may be. In my case he wanted domain names, blogs, videos and other online content that exercised my Free Speech right to expose, report on, speak critical of and rant on Marc Randazza, Jennifer Randazza and Randazza Legal Group.

Mostly I believe in my case and in suing Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers was also a woman hating move, a I will teach you a lesson, ruin your life, taunt you, destroy you and there is nothing you can do about it sort of deal. As in I am Marc Randazza and will do as I damn well please to who ever I want and there is nothing you can do about it.

Marc Randazza supports the Free Speech rights of those in prison, those who have horrific domain names, those who are racists and clearly, publicly supports Pedophiles rights to free speech. Yet he sues 2 women who stand up to him, and calls that Trademark violations? WOW.

It is rather shocking that Marc Randazza CENSORS me and Monica Foster, yet pretends he, being a porn attorney and pedophile supporter after all, is for the Free Speech rights or all. Marc Randazza often is heard saying if you love Free Speech you gotta lve it all AND the way to combat bad speech is more speech and other very hypocritical gibberish he most assuredly does not walk the talk of.

Marc Randazza abuses his Court Authority

Marc Randazza sues his target and then uses this to get private, personal business contacts, intellectual property, secrets on how they do business and who the do it with, all their domain names and businesses, names of clients and customers, phone records, your home address, emails and phone numbers of your family and ex's, and as much information he can get.

Marc Randazza uses his lawsuit to then be an officer of the court and get phone companies, churches, registrars and anyone else he wants to give him YOUR private information and they DO IT, trusting that he, as an attorney, as an officer of the court is obeying the LAW; when clearly he is NOT.

NO one seems to hold him accountable and they even seem to fear him for some reason; he is "well connected" and your constitutional rights are out the window.

How Does Marc Randazza, an attorney convince 3rd party vendors, phone companies, pastors, churches, accountants, friends, family, clients, ex's, customers and more to GIVE him YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION... ???

Well you see Marc Randazza threatens to sue them, subpoena them and well they are afraid of legal fees, time from work or a "scene" of some kind so they turn this information over to this officer of the court, even though it VIOLATES your rights to privacy.

Marc Randazza defends celebrities and other "folk" on their right to privacy in emails, yet he took my private emails to him and others, even though he was my attorney and even though it violated the rules of evidence, constitution and privacy rights, he and his gang stalking buddies used my private emails out of context and with their insinuations of what I must have meant, to ruin my life, defame me, harass me, bully me and attack me.

All the while creating an online buzz of their buddies (the gang stalkers) and influencing potential jurors and the courts, as well as printing out their lies and submitting it as FACTUAL evidence. Judges, such as Judge Gloria Navarro eat this up and consider it fact and give Marc Randazza your life's work, your domains, your blogs, your rights, and your intellectual property ALL based on LIES and non adjudicated nonsense they submit as evidence.

And there is NOTHING you can do about it; YEP NOTHING

Marc Randazza defends those with sick domain names such as, yet he STOLE my domains such as

more on the Glen Beck case

Marc Randazza makes the opposite argument there of course.

Randazza took many of my domain names and intellectual property with NO First Amendment Adjudication through flat out lies to WIPO and with NO Trademark. And through unconstitutional preliminary injunctions. Which as you clearly see in the Raanan Katz v. Irina Chevaldina case, Marc Randazza claimed in court motions in that case that preliminary injunctions were unconstitutional. Marc Randazza is a flat out hypocrite.

Also FOLKS, "First Amendment Rights TRUMP Trademark Laws

Even if you believe his lies that I attacked his child by buying a domain name, he is still a hypocrite. Marc Randazza LOVES free speech but only if he is paid to defend it. And even if I had a blog about his child, which I did not. Is that Illegal? Or is it Free Speech?

Godaddy profits from the ads, the sale of such names not me. And I have every right to use any domain I want and stand up against Marc Randazza who supports the Free Speech rights of pedophiles but sues, bullies, taunts and harasses me, Crystal Cox for years because he, a domain name lawyer was to dumb to buy his dotcom, his wife's and his child's. My point was to prove he falsifies his authority as knowledgeable in the domain name industry as the dumbass did not even have those names. Ya I called his wife a SLUT. I like sluts, it was not meant to be a slam, just what I saw to be a fact from my perspective. However, as seen on Marc Randazza's own blog he said he knocked her up in a drunken tryst so he may as well marry her. Well let's see, sex with a porn attorney, no protection ummm hmmm so many questions as to what was really going on there, the rumors are rampant on that one. Ya in my opinion and life experience, I still have to go with Slut, sorry just how I see it.

Marc Randazza is so full of it on his Trademark Allegations

Marc Randazza claims he sued Crystal Cox, me, to protect his trademark, yet he filed for the Trademark AFTER he sued me, and well ya see he claims it was to avoid confusion. Ya,, and the dozens of others he STOLE from me ILLEGALLY and Unconstitutionally, there was NO WAY they would have confused a consumer.

Marc Randazza wanted revenge so he sued me, stalked me, subpoenaed my friends, ex's, clients, customers and even had a private investigator follow me. Marc Randazza ruined my life because he was BUTTHURT.

Then Marc Randazza claims I had a satire of his daughter, and put the photo in as evidence then his law firm represents Jennifer Randazza aKa SLUT in suing Monica Foster saying it was her parody and she is the one to be sued for this Free Speech protected PARODY.

Also at the time Marc Randazza sued me, Crystal Cox, for using his alleged (LOL) good name, oh and for calling his wife a SLUT, well he was in all manner of media defending Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a SLUT. Marc Randazza says it is unAmerican to suppress the free speech rights of Rush Limbaugh to call Sandra Fluke a SLUT. But Crystal Cox, me, well that's just his duty as a daddy and a husband right, to SUPPRESS my First Amendment / Free Speech Rights.

Oh wait but he defends the opposite in this video

When it comes to Free Speech, Marc Randazza says ya gotta love it all Howie, when someone called his wife a slut but when I point out the obvious slut, well I get sued, threatened, stalked, harassed, defamed, and ruined.
Ya Howie, ya gotta love it all Videos

But you better not call Ms. Randazza a SLUT, though in Definition well she sure seems a Slut to me and on top of that, non-protected sex with a porn attorney seems a bit irresponsible in my "Opinion". Oh then there is my Free Speech right to call whomever I want a Slut right? Being a Slut is not illegal.

Marc Randazza LOVES to flat out state, and with seemingly no regard for the law, that his "target" is GUILTY of a crime of which he has NOT the balls nor evidence to file a criminal complaint.

Marc Randazza acts as if he is pro Free Speech but sued me Crystal Cox for calling him names, exposing him and calling his wife a slut.

Marc Randazza sued Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers for a parody about him. Marc Randazza is the KING of, hey I am the one dishing it out here and YOU are the one taking it. If you don’t like it I will sue you, defame you, ruin you, harass you, taunt you until you lay down and take it. Marc Randazza is a hypocrite and ABOVE THE LAW.

Links to research Marc Randazza suppressing Monica Foster’s speech and suing her for “parody” though he had claimed in federal court that I made that parody, then sues her. Oh and all this after his career or defending the Free Speech right of Parody.

Below is her Answer to the Complaint, with lot's of Exhibits
(Randazza v. Mayers A-14-699072-C, District Court, Clark County, Nevada, Eighth Judicial District)

Marc Randazza can DISH it out but he CANNOT take it that's for sure. SUE SUE SUE.

Look Deep into the Joseph Rakofsky case, those are the same gang stalking players

The Joseph Rakofsky case has tons of internet posts from Marc Randazza's gang stalking group. They used the internet to make the case look like something is what not. Joseph Rakofsky was telling the truth and all these same guys are stalking, lying and ganging up on a lot of us, hence a RICO.

Look at all the Documents of the Joseph Rakofsky v. the Internet; Marc Randazza and his GANG are all there defending each other and I allege flat out lying about the facts of the case.

Look deep into Righthaven and many other cases where the same group of attorneys taunt, gang stalk and create an illusion online. They pick a target and together legal bloggers such as’s Kenneth White of Brown, White and Newhouse Law Firm, Tracy Coenen of Sequence Inc., Kashmir Hill of Forbes and formerly of, Jordan Rushie of Philly Law Blog (he is now a Randazza Legal Group attorney), Bob Garfield of New York Public Radio, Godaddy, Lawyer and blogger Mark Bennett of Bennett and Bennett Law Firm,Lawyer Scott H. Greenfield of the Simple Justice Blog,  Eric Turkewitz of Turkewitz Law Firm, and more.

Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group also use Marc’s connections to Peter L. Michaelson of “Mediator & Arbitrator with Michaelson ADR Chambers” and INTA, in order to get WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, to defame, harass, tarness, ruin, threaten and bully his target.

Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group use WIPO as they are a highly credible international organization and what WIPO says is BELIEVED, even if it has no base in fact whatsoever and only the word of one Lawyer who flat out lied to them, Marc Randazza.

This group of gang stalkers are believed by the courts, judges and the public over their TARGET as they have credentials and clout and this forces people into settlement’s and Randazza usually gets his way.

This rogue group is acting illegally, and there is plenty of pattern and history which is why I, Crystal L. Cox tried to file a RICO Lawsuit against them and was denied

Here are links to research that

Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group have been known to sue someone and force them to pay the legal fees to do it and Judge Gloria Navarro assists them. They take a case for FREE allegedly then force their clients to pay.

More on that topic

Pro Bono Scam

I ALLEGE that Marc Randazza files legal documents, lawsuits and court motions with the premeditate willful and wanton intent to defame, attack, and flat out lie about his “Target” then he gets his attorney buddies to all post on the case and to quote him, as if it were adjudicated fact, when it's only the words of one attorney out to get whatever he wants out of that particular case.

They use the laws that protect court documents to defame and destroy their target. Then these blogs of lies and opinions of Rogue Attorneys become “Evidence” to further destroy their target.

A Quote from the Recent Roca Labs case 
filed against Marc Randazza

"Despite being an Officer of the Court and a practicing member of the Florida Bar, RANDAZZA has waged his war against ROCA by intentionally and maliciously publishing many false and defamatory statements in his pleadings, with the intent to share them to his contacts in the media, and indeed by directly speaking to the media about ROCA with the intent to have them publish false, misleading and defamatory articles about ROCA, and by harassing and making derogatory statements about ROCA via his personal social media sites including his Twitter account"

Source and Full Legal Action against First Amendment PORN Attorney Marc Randazza aKa scumbag, hypocritical asshole, liar, and lawless.

Look deep at the Joseph Rakofsky case, the Crystal Cox case, the Roca Labs case and more cases of Randazza Legal Group. There are others that allege these same attorneys and bloggers, media outlets have done this same thing to aid and abet Randazza Legal Group. Do your Homework. It is the same group of attorneys, bloggers, forensics investigators such as Tracy Coenen, every time the same people help Randazza to affect the outcome he wants in legal cases.

Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group use court filings to ruin people’s lives, businesses, defame them, bully them, harass them and teach them a “lesson” or as Marc says “make an enemy of me”.

It is clear to see that Marc Randazza defends the side he is paid to, as do most attorneys. However Marc Randazza takes it to a level of evil, of above the law and he manipulates his power and privilege as an attorney in a legal system that has not caught up with the Internet, in order to win case and seek revenge in such a way that violates our constitutional rights. 

There is plenty of evidence to prove what these folks do, however, I am only one woman and have no resources to fight them. I have done the best I can to the best of my ability. They continue to create more victims, the latest being Roca Labs.

In my opinion, Marc Randazza should have a RICO against him, should be charged with Criminal Defamation among many other illegal and unethical actions he seems to allegedly take against whomever he has a beef with or wants something from.

If you have any questions or wish to represent me against any of these folks in legal action, please eMail me at or

Believe the Lie, or the TRUTH; Suit Yourself. 

They do say Ignorance is Bliss.

No matter what you Believe; the TRUTH will still be the Truth


More Research Links

Crystal Cox on Marc Randazza's Tactics

More Research Links

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