Thursday, November 9, 2017

The tactics of the Gang Stalking attorneys who work with Marc Randazza and I allege some judges in the past are just as evil as what we are hearing about Harvey Weinstein and worse. Many of these targeted whistleblowers are harassed and shamed into suicide. Marc Randazza is NOT above the law nor is ANY attorney, Godaddy insider, Google insider, Court Clerk, or ANYONE else who helped Randazza to silence Victims.

Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and their conspirators are CONSTANTLY active in suppressing Journalism.  They use their power and position as officers of the court to intimidate, threaten, bully, and shut down those who expose the Porn Industry secrets, expose human trafficking, EXPOSE predators, and EXPOSE the attorneys who protect them. 

Marc Randazza, Ron Green and Randazza Legal Group sidesteps the First Amendment and use any intimidation tactic available. Your hearing now of how Harvey Weinstein got a gang of investigators, lawyers, spies and more to silence and intimidate women. Randazza and his co-conspirators, I allege, do the same tactics to SILENCE journalists which is what investigative bloggers are. The BIG difference is they are OFFICERS OF THE COURT.

Randazza succeeds in removing mass content, getting huge judgments, getting bank records and phone records, alienating people by threatening to sue anyone who is connected to them or works with them and drives them into financial ruin, constant never ending fear and stress, and after years of that Randazza Legal Group WILL file in a court of law to make their VICTIM, their TARGET pay for their legal fees for attacking, harassing, tormenting, suing, defaming and ruining the Targets life. 

Just as the Weinstein case, we see large amounts of victims come out and tell the courts what officers of the court Randazza Legal Group and ALL connected attorneys are doing. And the courts have thus far protected these guys.

They actual file lawsuits against each others targets, they blog the conspired narrative in mass among many "credible" officers of the court aKa attorneys. These malicious "opinions" on blogs by officers of the court are not only deemed credible and true but they are used as actual EXHIBITS in a Court of Law as Unadjudicated yet VERY EFFECTIVE evidence against their target.

These Gang stalking Attorneys are believed over and over as their target is NOT believed, ruled against and their life is ruined. 

Check Out Jennifer Randazza and Marc Randazza suing me, Crystal Cox to shut down massive online content, steal domain names and redirect them to their commercial site, bully me, harass and threaten me. Read it all and learn how these attorneys do this.

Also research J. Devoy cases and cases that involve Judge Navarro and many unconstitutional TRO's. There are many cases out there where these guys sue a target, get the precedence they want, shut down content (Chill Speech) and get a Judgment in their favor to pay them HUGE legal fees for their fraud on the court, torturous interference, bullying, lying, threatening, HORRIFIC RETALITION.

Randazza v. Cox Docket

THESE GANG STALKING ATTORNEYS threaten, sue, bully, intimidate, stalk, blog hate in mass, drive by victims homes, publish victims home address, and have a constant campaign to keep them quiet WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Alexandra Mayers was sued by Jennifer Randazza, the wife of First Amendment PORN attorney Marc Randazza. Jennifer Randazza claimed Alexandra Mayers Defamed her "per se" and painted her in False Light.  This is SERIOUSLY Laughable, a Parody, a Joke. Oh wait its a REALLY BIG DEAL. As this EVIL woman, Jennifer Randazza seems to have convinced a seemingly rogue and corrupt court to actual rule in her favor. I wonder that that cost??? "per se"

J. Malcom DeVoy and Ronald Green of Randazza Legal Group represented Jennifer Randazza in this malicious UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Unlawful Lawsuit to silence and intimidate a journalist.

Alexandra Mayers / Monica Foster NEVER had an "unhealthy obsession" with Jennifer Randazza. Instead Alexandra Mayers dedicated her life to doing the right thing and reporting on the REAL "bad guys" such as Jennifer Randazza's husband and the thugs at his law firm Randazza Legal Group who were causing real harm to people.

Alexandra Mayers was reporting on them, exposing them and making fun of them as his her First Amendment Protected right. Jennifer Randazza is the one who had the VERY "unhealthy" obsession with Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers . Why not ignore the name calling? I allege that Jennifer Randazza sued Alexandra Mayers as a PROXY for her husband and his gang stalking co-conspirators to suppress Alexandra Mayers speech, steal blogs and other intellectual property, and to intimidate and bully Alexandra Mayers .

Marc Randazza has a SERIOUS "unhealthy obsession" with any woman who DARES to make fun of him, call his wife a slut, expose his illegal behavior, report on porn industry criminal allegations and unethical behavior and most of all WOMEN WHO DARE TO STAND UP TO HIM.

When Jennifer Randazza Gets BUTTHURT she sues the Women who Stood up to her THUG of a Hubby
Check Out A-14-699072-C | Jennifer Randazza, Plaintiff(s) vs. Alexandra Mayers, Defendant AND see how to SHUT down the TRUTH and use the Judicial Process for REVENGE against someone who called you a slut and made "parody" of your high profile life that has NO RIGHT to Privacy as suggested in their legal cases as a matter of law.  See the link below for Federal Judge SHUT down of these allegations.

Yet somehow the Nevada State court went along with Jennifer Randazza???

Was Jennifer Randazza connected to Organized Crime or Pornography? Ummm geee Duh, all you have to do is look at Marc Randazza's blogs, or pool parties with predators they took their kids to as seen in this Arbitration.

Jennifer Randazza and Marc Randazza I ALLEGE have Committed SERIOUS "INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT" in Mass and have used the power of our legal system to do it.

A-14-699072-C | Jennifer Randazza, Plaintiff(s) vs. Alexandra Mayers, Clark County Nevada Rob Bare, Bonnie Bulla Case Docket Linked Below

How in the World did Clark County Courts let Jennifer Randazza get away with these knowingly false pleadings and I allege perjury? Well who knows? I do know the TRUTH has a tendency to comet out. SO one day that too will surface from the "False Light" to the "True Light".

We all thought that Jennifer Randazza contacted Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers and set up a meeting to discuss trying to get away from Marc Randazza. I FULLY believed that to be true, so did other followers of Monica's blogs. As someone claiming to be Jennifer Randazza contacted Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers, that really happened.

Monica posted on her blog about the meeting, and yeah to Divorce Marc Randazza would be to leave #organisedcrime and #prostitution as that is the industry he works in as the RECORD everywhere CLEARLY shows. So to sue Jennifer Randazza contacted Monica Foster / Alexandra Mayers

Jennifer Randazza made false and SERIOUSLY HARMFUL statements about me Crystal Cox and did see in sworn to be true court filings. Flat out LIES, Defamation and False Light to a Federal Court about me, yet that's ok? Why? Because it is my life SHE ruined in suing me?

None of Jennifer Randazza's allegations are "highly offensible" to the "reasonable person" and even if poor baby Jennifer Randazza was offended SO WHAT. The Randazza's are the Face out there on the TV and in other mass media fighting for the right to OFFEND People.


Again See The Court Order Below. Jennifer Randazza does not get to claim this shit, as a matter of LAW.  Summary Judgement DENIAL in Randazza c. Cox. Jennifer Randazza is NOT above the Law.

I allege that Jennifer Randazza perjured herself in this case and I hope to soon file criminal charges myself as Jennifer Randazza is a very dangerous woman, using the power of our judicial system and her officer of the court husband to SHUT DOWN women who call her out, tell the truth about her and her husband and make fun of Jennifer Randazza.

Jennifer Randazza had such an Unhealthy Obsession with me, Crystal Cox, that she sued me for around 30 million and her husband and his law firm took my intellectual property in MASS to shut down my Speech about the RANDAZZAS.

These Free Speech hating Jackasses simply removed my blogs about princess Jennifer Randazza.  So we may never get to the bottom of this Slut thing or allegations of how Marc Randazza and Jennifer Randazza really met? Got a Tip?

We shall examine the Whole Is or Was Jennifer Randazza a Slut thing

Well Marc Randazza sure does describe what I allege is a SLUT, check it out
"we had a particularly spirited drunken tryst that day. Yep, some great scuba diving, some great mojitos with some of my best friends, a little whisper of “lets go take a nap,” in my ear, and a new life begins."
Source and Full Drunken Tryst

Oh and Check out Marc Randazza Defending Rush Limbaugh to call Sandra Fluke a SLUT, but We Dare not call Drunken Tryst get knocked up by a Porn Attorney clearly using no protection Jennifer Brochey Randazza a SLUT, how dare we

Check this out

Oh and this one, at 1;15 into it is a discussion where going after another guys wife is a First Amendment RIGHT but not for Crystal Cox or Alexandra Mayers, NOPE Sue Them.

Check it out

And don't forget Joseph Rakofsky

Joseph Rakofsky explained in great detail what these guys were doing and that was years ago. Still our Courts let this behavior continued. I mean who is going to disbelieve a bunch of attorneys saying the same thing and even bloggging flat out lies about people that is then used by the other attorneys in court cases as UNADJUDICATED yet effective Evidence against their target.

Joseph Rakofsky AGAIN told the courts exactly what these attorneys were doing and the Courts simply ignored the victims and chose the bad guy attorneys. Meanwhile the litigant/victim is discredited in mass by their gang of attorneys, forensic accountants, journalists and judges.

Open Letter I wrote to Joseph Rakofsky

                                                                                   INDE)( NO.: 105573/11




A Few Research Links on  Rakofsky v. the Internet.

Joseph Rakofsky reported the Truth and experienced Judicial Retaliation in mass.

And there are many More. The Courts know and thus far have let these guys continue to use this same tactic in State and Federal Courts. I Allege over and over that all Marc Randazza, Ronald Green, J. Devoy and ALL the attorneys named in the cases above really are and have done this stuff and the courts NEED to stop letting them get away with it.

Some more Drunken Tryst Research

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Marc Randazza held himself out as my attorney, he bullied me to STOP me from appealing for his own gain, he ran over my rights and when I FIRED Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, he sued me, threatened me, attacked me, launched a 5 year and counting malicious cyber attack and still seems to by lying about all to Federal Courts. Take a Look

In Marc Randazza’s Recent Filing, Motion for Default, Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26 Entered 10/20/17, he claims that ONLY upon Volokh being interested in teaming up with him was he then “willing to accept the case”. Meaning the Crystal Cox Ninth Circuit Appeal. Yet Crystal Cox claims Randazza represented her before this and told others he was her attorney. Randazza states in earlies sworn documents a different version of his story, let’s take a look.

Page 38, Line 26-28 and Page 39 1-4, Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26, (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26) Says:Only upon Mr. Volokh expressing an interest in teaming up on the case with him did Mr. Randazza decide that he was willing to accept the case. (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26).”

In this sworn statement (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26) Randazza claims he was only interested in representing me, Crystal Cox, with Volokh and only offered to represent me after this conversation. Even though, the only reason Volokh was talking to Randazza about me, Crystal Cox was Randazza told Volokh he represented Crystal Cox. And that he was brokering a deal with the Opposition in the Obsidian case, David Aman.

The statement is false, and it is making a false declaration to a Federal Court while knowing full well it is False as Randazza swore to different facts in Case 2:12-cv-02040-JAD-PAL Document 252 Filed 04/06/15,  Exhibit 9, Marc Randazza’s sworn interrogatory answers.

So in Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26, Page 38, Line 26-28 and Page 39 1-4, we see RANDAZZA swearing that he ONLY agreed to Represent Cox after Volokh expressed interest to team up with him.   We see below in a previous Sworn statement of Randazza that he was involved in representation BEFORE speaking with Volokh, talking strategy with Volokh, and only spoke with Volokh after he had already put in time and material into representation.

Interrogatory 21 Exhibit 9:

“Did you have phone conversations with Eugene Volokh and state that you represented Cox and discuss with him your strategy, or a deal you were trying to make with the opposition, Plaintiff’s attorney David Aman?”

"... Counterdefendant responds as follows:

Counterdefendant spoke with Eugene Volokh in December 2011.

Counterdefendant informed Volokh that if he was going to represent Cox, that Randazza would gladly bow out, and defer to Volokh to handle the case.

Volokh, however, said that he would prefer that Randazza co-counsel the case with him due to Volokh’s stated lack of litigation experience. Counterdefendant and Volokh discussed possible strategies that he and Volokh thought might be good ideas during that call.

Counterdefendant and Volokh both discussed the fact that Cox’s interests would be better served through settlement."

What gave Marc Randazza a legal right to negotiate who gets to be my attorney with him, if he was not indeed my attorney, or acting as if he was my attorney?

Randazza and Volokh discussed strategy? About Me? They discussed that a settlement was in my, Crystal Cox’s, best interest?

A couple of guys deciding what was in my best interest and Randazza proceeding with steps to negotiate what was in my best interest when Randazza clearly and plainly knew that I want to appeal. I did NOT want to settle nor did I want some aggressive, asshole man to decide it would be better if I settled and push me to do what I did want to do, negotiate behind my back, and trick and deceive me by letting the deadline run out while he held himself out as my attorney so no one else would represent me, thereby blocking me from appealing. He did not know I had talked to Volokh when he tried to pull off this malicious scheme.
In Conclusion,

Page 38, Number 1-13 of Interrogatory 21 Exhibit 9, Case 2:12-cv-02040-JAD-PAL Document 252 Filed 04/06/15 is Marc J. Randazza’s SWORN statement that the Interrogatory Answers are true to the best of his knowledge, yet we see on Page 38, Line 26-28 and Page 39 1-4, Case 16-01111-abl Doc 26, (Randazza Decl. ¶ 26) that Marc Randazza swears to the a VERY different Answer.

“I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Dated: October 20, 2017.

/s/ Marc J. Randazza

So How Can Both be True under penalty of perjury?

Hypocritcal Attorney Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group seems to be a but Slippery Under Oath or perhaps has even purjured himself yet again. Marc Randazza Bankruptcy filing as he relentless attacks blogger Crystal Cox, sure seems to be perjury to me.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Clark County Nevada Judge Rob Bare completely discredits Randazza Legal Group’s key witness of civil case A-14-699072-C

"Randazza Legal Group named domestic violence assailant Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre as their key witness for their April 2014 frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit filed by attorney Marc Randazza’s wife (Jennifer Randazza) against independent investigative blogger Alexandra Mayers (Clark county Civil court case A-14-699072-C).
The Clark County Nevada Judge assigned to the lawsuit is the honorable Judge Rob Bare.
Ironically, on March 7, 2014 a ruling by Judge Rob Bare completely discredited Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre in a separate legal matter (which involves him physically assaulting his wife and sex trafficking victim – well known prostitute Christina Parreira).
That’s right – the only witness Randazza Legal Group was able to find to face Alexandra Mayers in a United States court of law, was no more than some loser porn industry fanboi who thought he could get away with physically assaulting his meal ticket (a woman he married and pimped repeatedly into to Dennis Hof’s brothels).
Way to go Randazza Legal Group…
randazza legal group ari scott bass porn attorney parody
’nuff said.
This matter came before the Court on January 20, 2016 and Court took matter under advisement. After carefully considering the papers submitted and hearing arguments, Court issued its Decision this 7th day of March, 2016. COURT ORDERED, Appellant’s conviction is AFFIRMED and REMANDED back to the lower court for any further proceedings. The standard of review on appeal challenging sufficiency of the evidence is whether, after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Koza v. State, 100 Nev. 245, 250, 681 P.2d 44, 47 (1984). It is not the purview of this Court to weigh the evidence or to re-examine the credibility of witnesses. Lay v. State, 110 Nev. 1189, 1192, 886 P.2d 448, 450 (1994). In this case, this Court finds that after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could have found Appellant guiltySpecifically, the 911 call that the victim made the night of the incident was played and the victim told the dispatcher that, He grabbed me today, putting his hand around my neck, again, and threw me down on the floor. Additionally, Officer Miller observed that the victim had visible injuries in the form of redness and scratches on her right elbow and arm area. Furthermore, this Court will not reweigh the evidence or re-examine the credibility of witnesses. Therefore, a rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt and Appellant’s conviction is affirmed. Counsel for Respondent is directed to submit a proposed Order consistent with the foregoing which sets forth the underpinnings of the same in accordance herewith and with counsel s briefing and argument. A Status Check Re: Order is set for May 4, 2016 in chambers. Parties need not appear. 5/4/16 (CHAMBERS) – STATUS CHECK RE.: ORDER CLERK’S NOTE: Counsel is to ensure a copy of the forgoing minute order is distributed to all interested parties; additionally, a copy of the foregoing minute order was distributed to the Service Recipients via the Wiznet E-Service (3/7/16 amn).

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Alexandra Mayers Clark County Nevada Court Filing; Jennifer Randazza / Randazza Legal Group. Ari Bass aKa Michael Whiteacre, Sean Tompkins, Mike South aKa Michael Strother, Marc Randazza.



Alexandra Mayers Reports; "Michael Strother / Mike South states WHO posed as Jennifer Randazza requesting my help, AFTER Marc Randazza offered legal services to Strother to sue me"

"Michael Strother / Mike South has stated WHO posed as Jennifer Randazza requesting my help, AFTER Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group offered legal services to Strother (in what appears to be “pro-bono” form) to sue me.
The following document (complete with exhibits) has been filed and accepted into the United States of America Clark County Nevada Civil Court – case A-14-699072-C Dept. 32
I will post a video blog (vlog) about this issue soon on
click here for the complete filed and stamped copy of the PDF document
click here for a higher resolution of the exhibits in PDF document format.
Below is the text of the legal statement filed into the case:
On August 16, 2016 porn industry blogger Michael Strother aka Mike South of wrote a post (exhibit A) stating that Sean Matthew Tompkins and Ari Scott Bass posed online (trolled me) as Jennifer Randazza – which is what led me to post the tweets in question (exhibit B) that this lawsuit is based on.
            I have been told by another porn industry blogger known as Kelli Roberts, that Randazza Legal Group was involved in Sean Matthew Tompkins’ acquisition of a website called
            Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre was on the initial witness list sent to me from Jennifer Randazza’s legal council (exhibit C).
            The domestic and international organization, the Aids Healthcare Foundation, recently released a press released which states that Michael Strother aka Mike South is a credible blogger / journalist (exhibit D).
Michael Strother told me on Twitter August 13, 2016 that he would take up Mr. Randazza (Marc Randazza’s) offer to sue me if I did not delete the claims I posted online about him being a pimp and being involved in sex trafficking (exhibit E).
            Michael Strother aka Mike South has also stated that to me via email (exhibit F) as of August 15, 2016 that if I don’t apologize to him for stating that he is a pimp (even though he labeled himself a pimp as of December 4, 2002 and November 26, 2002: exhibits G – H) and involved in sex and human trafficking, that he will sue me.
            Michael Strother aka Mike South has a multitude of posts (some in which he recruited civilians for his Bukakke pornographic adult movies which are filmed in Atlanta, Georgia), on a website called (a website that labels itself as a sex travel / sex tourism guide. Sex Tourism is a form of human and sex trafficking). Strother vouched for illegal prostitute’s sexual performances on the website’s forum and offered recommendations to other posters of the website who were seeking to illegally purchase sex (exhibit I).
In addition from 2002 to 2011 Michael Strother operated a website called (exhibit J) which showcased photographs and stated the exact streets in Atlanta where illegal prostitutes could be located.

Strother stated on his own blog (exhibit K) that he gained financially from the sexual exploitation of illegal prostitutes, being that the photographs he took of them drew online traffic to his website, which converted into sales of his pornography on his “pay sites”.
Michael Stother aka Mike South emailed me September 5, 2014 (exhibit L) stating that Marc Randazza was receptive to the idea that someone was impersonating Jennifer Randazza and that he felt he could arrange for Marc Randazza to drop this lawsuit against me if I apologized.
Lastly, August 16, 2016 at 2:20pm (PST) Michael Strother aka Mike South sent me an email stating that “several people” are offering him money to get a judgment in Georgia against me to take all of my websites (exhibit M).
            Considering Marc Randazza’s offer to Michael Strother to file a lawsuit against me, I believe that Marc Randazza’s and that of Randazza Legal Group’s actions are that criminal conspiracy & illustrate the abuse the United States judicial system to intimidate me, silence my work on the truth of pornography and organized crime (namely sex and human trafficking), harass me and extort money from me via a legal judgment.
DATED this 16th day of August, 2016.
Pursuant to NRS 53.045, I declare under penalty of
perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Alexandra Mayers
/s/ Alexandra Mayers
Defendant, In Proper Person"


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bankruptcy Cry Baby Victim Marc Randazza. RANDAZZA has me, Crystal Cox the Biggest Creditor in this CASE, yet I have no Rights and my LAWSUIT against him, as my former attorney is simply FROZEN. Marc Randazza, attorney, has used the Nevada Bankruptcy courts as a tool to violate the rights of his former clients, and to STOP legal action again him.

"Debtor’s misguided criticisms of the IAA are an example of Debtor’s attempt to portray himself as a victim"

Source and Full Motion



7. Defendant Randazza is the former in-house General Counsel of E/L. Randazza was employed as E/L’s General Counsel continuously from June, 2009 until August 2012.

8. Excelsior is a sister company to various entities including Liberty and Corbin Fisher. Corbin Fisher is an on-line entertainment website and brand name whose intellectual
property is owned by Liberty. Excelsior is a film production company that creates videos for the Corbin Fisher brand.

E/L has consistently endeavored to and succeeded at conducting its business in a principled and professional manner. E/L relocated its headquarters from San Diego, California to Las Vegas in February 2011.

9. Randazza also relocated from San Diego, California to Las Vegas in 2011 to continue his employment relationship with E/L. Randazza markets himself as a “specialist” in First Amendment and intellectual property law, particularly with regard to the adult entertainment industry.

10. E/L and Randazza became acquainted while Randazza was an associate at a firm specializing in First Amendment related legal work in Florida. E/L later decided to hire a General Counsel. Randazza pursued and accepted the position. Randazza drafted an employment agreement, which was executed by the parties in June, 2009 (“Employment Agreement”).

Randazza at no time advise Plaintiffs that they should seek independent counsel to review the agreement even though Plaintiffs were obviously unrepresented. During the course of his
employment with E/L, Randazza was an integral part of E/L’s management and, along with several other executives, participated in making many of E/L’s major corporate decisions.

11. The primary reason E/L decided to hire a General Counsel was to ensure its intellectual property was protected. One of the most significant challenges faced by E/L and all companies in the film and entertainment industry is the illegal downloading and sharing of content/videos produced by E/L. However, Randazza was tasked with handling all of E/L’s legal  matters.


12. Pursuant to the Employment Agreement, Randazza was to wind down his private practice during his first 90 days of employment and become E/L’s full-time General Counsel.

13.  Section “6.C” of the Employment Agreement permitted Randazza to continue to provide professional services to a “limited number of outside clients” during non-working hours if such work did not present a conflict of interest for E/L. Contrary to his obligations under the Employment Agreement and without the knowledge of E/L, Randazza continued to aggressively grow his private practice during his employment after becoming E/L’s General Counsel.

14. Randazza’s compensation consisted of an annual salary of $208,000. Randazza also included in the Employment Agreement the unique arrangement of a nondiscretionary bonus of 25% of any settlement funds paid to E/L.

15. At the time of the execution of the Employment Agreement, the parties contemplated that Randazza would be handling all of E/L’s legal matters independently. Instead, Randazza began to utilize his own firm, Randazza Legal Group (“RLG”) and various outside counsel to assist in E/L’s legal matters.

16. The Employment Agreement also required that E/L provide Randazza with a laptop computer and PDA/phone, which were to be primarily used for E/L business with only occasional and incidental personal use permitted. The Employment Agreement further provided that such equipment was not to be used for professional services rendered to other clients.

17. The Employment Agreement provided for severance in the amount of 12 weeks of salary if E/L were to unilaterally terminate Randazza in the fourth year of employment or later.

There is no severance obligation if Randazza resigned or was terminated for cause.

18. The Employment Agreement also includes a governing law provision stating “[t]his Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflict of laws.” Randazza was able to reside virtually anywhere he wanted. Initially, Randazza lived and worked in San Diego, California. However, Randazza relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2011, just as few months after E/L relocated its headquarters.

19.  At Randazza’s request, E/L hired Erika Dillon (“Dillon”), a paralegal. Dillon was employed by E/L as a paralegal at the time of Randazza’s resignation. Dillon left her employment after Randazza’s resignation at Randazza’s request B. ISSUES ARISE BETWEEN E/L AND RANDAZZA

i. Randazza’s Non-E/L Work

20. As noted above, under the Employment Agreement Randazza was obligated to wind down his private practice during the first 90 days of his employment with E/L.

21.  After becoming E/L’s General Counsel, however, Randazza kept adding clients to his practice, RLG, and over the period from October 2009 through August 2012, he billed over 1,643 hours to clients for work unrelated to E/L (and not including pro bono work). This amounts to an average of 47 hours per month.

During Randazza’s employment at E/L, he never billed less than 14.5 hours in a given month to other clients and in many months he billed between 50 and 90 hours to such clients. During the period from September 2011 through January 2012, Randazza billed 390.65 hours to non-E/L and non-pro bono clients, an average of over 78 hours per month.

This pattern of extensive and increasing work for non-E/L clients is evidence that Randazza had no intention of winding down his private practice as required by the Employment Agreement.

22. During his employment with E/L, including during the period from September 2011 through January 2012, E/L paid Randazza’s full salary and benefits, including bar dues in multiple jurisdictions.

ii. Randazza’s TNAFlix Relationship

23. Randazza, through RLG, represented Liberty in a lawsuit that he filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California against TNAFlix (“TNA”) (Case. No. 10-CV-1972-JHA-POR) alleging that TNA (a file-sharing website) infringed Liberty’s copyrighted works (the “TNA Matter”). Valentin Gurvits, Esq. (“Gurvits”) of the Boston Law Group, LLP (“Boston Law”) represented TNA.

24.   In December 2010 and January 2011, Randazza and Gurvits negotiated a settlement of the TNA Matter. During the course of those negotiations, Gurvits raised a concern about his client (TNA) being sued by other copyright owners in the future based on the same or similar allegations made by Liberty against TNA in the TNA matter.

In an email dated December 7, 2010, Randazza advised Gurvits that he “could largely prevent other plaintiffs from entering the fray.”

25. According to Randazza, Gurvits wanted to pay Randazza a “fee” of $5,000 in order to conflict Randazza out of future cases against TNA. In an email dated December 22, 2010, Randazza responded to Gurvits’ offer as follows:

As far as conflicting me out of future cases, that will require significantly more than $5,000. In fact, I have someone waiting in the wings with a $50k retainer right now. Naturally, I’m in a strange ethical bind, as your offer to conflict me out of future cases against your client is something that would benefit my current client. Accordingly, I would be willing to be conflicted out of cases against TNA, but that $5k figure has to come up. Either that, or you can give [Liberty] what they asked for, and I’ll conflict myself out for a token payment
 26. Randazza and Gurvits continued to discuss the prospect of conflicting Randazza out of future cases against TNA during the course of negotiating a settlement of the TNA Matter.

For example, on January 11, 2011 Randazza wrote in an email to Gurvits:

Keeping me out of the TNA game is a little more complicated.
If your client wants to keep me personally out of the TNA game, then I think that there needs to be a little grave for me. And it has to be more than the $5k you were talking about before, I’m looking at the cost of at least a new Carrera in retainer deposits after circulating around the adult entertainment expo this week. I’m gonna want at least used BMW money.

In order to conflict me out of future matters, I suggest this:

Your firm retains me as “of counsel” to you. I get $5k per month (for six months) paid to me, from you (TNA will reimburse you, I presume). I will render advice on TNA and TNA only, and I’ll be Chinese walled from your other clients so that other conflicts are not created.


That way, I’m adequately compensated for my loss of major potential work, and I’m conflicted out of acting adversely to TNA.

27. On January 12, 2011, Randazza apparently discovered that he was ethically prohibited from discussing limitations on his right to practice law during the course of settlement negotiations on behalf of a client, and sent an email to Gurvits saying that he could no longer discuss it, saying: “But I’m certain now that such an arrangement is unethical, in the terms we’ve been discussing it.” Nevertheless, Randazza recommended finding “some other way of addressing [TNA’s] interests,” and stated as follows:

Like I said before, if TNA wants to hire me *after* settlement, on terms that we discuss *after* settlement, then my phone line will be open.

However, it seems that if we place any part of a “buyoff” as a condition of settlement, then all four of us could wind up in bar trouble. I’m certainly not risking it.

28. On February 1, 2011, Liberty signed a Settlement Agreement and General Release of Claims (the “TNA Settlement Agreement”) under which Liberty agreed to dismiss its claims against TNA without prejudice in exchange for payment of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00).

The next day (February 2, 2011) and before Randazza had even received the signature of Gurvits’ client on the TNA Settlement Agreement and the sameday that Randazza received the settlement  payment from TNA, Randazza sent an email to Gurvits asking if TNA wanted “a retainer letter form [him].”

29.   On February 11, 2011 Randazza emailed Gurvits a draft retainer letter from TNA to sign, which required a $36.000.00 retainer to be paid at the outset of the representation and deemed to be earned upon receipt. TNA did not, however, immediately sign the retainer letter, Randazza wrote to Gruvits in late June 2011 stating, “You will recall that I am not conflicted out of representing another client against [TNA].”

Source and Full Document, Case Filing

How in the WORLD is Marc Randazza still a Lawyer? WOW

Sue Sue Sue. Chill Speech Chill Speech. First Amendment Attorney, Law Firm Randazza Legal Group LOVES to SUE people to SILENCE them. And all in the Name of Free Speech. Meanwhile he hides behind a bankruptcy court in Cox v. Randazza, with NO end in sight.

 Porn Blogger Mike South aka Michael Strother THREATENS to Sue Monica Foster. oH and for FREE with us of Unconstitutional, Unethical attorney Marc Randazza of Rabid Randazza Legal Group.

There are so many people that Marc Randazza has offered to represent for FREE to Silence Free Speech that exposes him. oh and to RETALIATE. Meanwhile he does not even have the stamina to stay in legal cases with us, he has to HIDE in bankruptcy court while doing FREE legal work out of unethical SPITE.

So, this Guy,  Mike South aka Michael Strother, calls himself a PIMP and then threatens to Sue others who call him a Pimp too? WTF

"How in the hell would Randazza Legal Group attorneys (who've already filed one fraudulent lawsuit against me in regards to Jennifer Randazza's attachment to organized crime) and Michael Strother explain the above to a Judge? In addition how will Randazza Legal Group explain to a Judge that they are offering their legal services pro-bono to self labeled PIMPS (who are not owners and/or operators of legal brothels in Nevada) - all in effort to silence individuals who have opted to share the truth about sex trafficking and the adult entertainment industry?

According to wikipedia and many other sources - a pimp is a sex trafficker. 

Definition of “PIMP” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: a criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over, and lives off the earnings of one or more prostitutes

I will not be apologizing to Mike South aka Michael Strother. In addition, he will not be suing me for "libel", as his entire proposed lawsuit has no legitimacy or merit.

I encourage you all to read and sign this petition I wrote, just a day prior to Mike South aka Michael Strother's lawsuit threat:"

Source of Above

Mike South aka Michael Strother has threatened to sue me for my stating what he's labeled himself as - a PIMP
On August 13, 2016 veteran porn blogger Mike South aka Michael Strother stated that he would take Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group's offer to sue me (apparently Randazza offered his legal services to Strother pro-bono). Strother indicated that he would sue me for "libel" because I claimed that he is a pimp and involved in sex trafficking.

Source of Above

I wonder what Marc Randazza's Creditors think of all his Pro Bono legal cases he offers and takes, and all in the name of REVENGE and nothing to do with Justice or making money to pay off his CREDITORS. 

Marc Randazza Bankruptcy

Randazza vs. Crystal Cox Free Speech Suppression Case Docket