Friday, November 28, 2014

Folks Just because Marc Randazza, Adam Steinbaugh and Kenneth White KEEP lying and abusing the court process. Does not make it right and it does not make their blather the TRUTH. They are on the WRONG side of the LAW and the wrong side Moral Compass.

Ken White: Still Stroking his Favorite Prick 
Marc Randazza

No Matter How Many Randazza Legal Groupies SHOUT
Loud and Proud Defending the hypocrisy, arrogance and lawlessness of 
their Porn God Marc Randazza; 
Well the LIE is STILL the LIE

No matter how many of you Jackass lying, lawless attorneys come to protect Marc Randazza from a girl picking on him, well that does not change the ADJUDICATED FACTS.

Kenneth White of does not tell the NOT the truth, that is not his mission.

Kenneth White of is simply protecting the Agenda of Porn Attorneys and the Free Speech Coalition which is an organization to protect Porn Companies and DOES not protect those in the industry which is easily seen by the investigative blogs of Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Melody and Desi Foxx aKa Diana Grandmasson.

Kenneth White speaks out his ASS. 

Yes look at the Crystal Cox case, one women, me, fighting back as hard as I have been able to and Pro Se, which  Kenneth White slams all pro se folks because then the Randazza Legal Groupies can't make their quick buck.

Kenneth White is protected by the owner of the rip off report. Look at my Rip Off Report on Marc Randazza, it's the only Rip Off Report EVER where the person complaining gets pushed down in the report to make for for  Kenneth White to lie about me, the person who filed the complaint.

Rip Off Report won't let me post anymore to this. Rip Off Report gave Ken White a spot on top of my report unlike any other Rip Off Report . 

Believe what you want about me, I don't really care. I keep yapping to help their other victims not stand alone or look to the be the only ones who have had the same abusive, lawless, unconstitutional experience with the Randazza Legal Groupies.

Look at the Joseph Rakofsky Case, Crystal Cox Case, Monica Foster Case, Righthaven and many more. Pay Attention to the forced attorney fees, settlements and the attorneys who blog parts of motions that Randazza tells them to as if Marc Randazza's LIES in court motions is Adjudicated Fact when really it is lying blather that abuses the court process for private retaliation and personal gain.

Kenneth White recently said: 

"Roca Labs is mistaking aggression for strategy. Randazza, by filing his notice of related case, has alerted the federal court hearing the case that Roca Labs is flailing around suing opposing lawyers, which will not go over well. Roca Labs has hired what appears to be an improbably matriculated Muppet to champion their case, despite a patent lack of qualifications. Roca Labs thinks that suing Marc Randazza to shut him up is going to end well. They should have asked Raanan Katz or Crystal Cox how that would turn out."

yes ASK Crystal Cox. I am Pleased with how things have turned out SO FAR. I have Exposed a THUG of a lying hypocritical asshole attorney, and hey I am just a one girl.

Hey Hypocritical LAWLESS Asshole Ken White, IT IS NOT aggressive to stand up to aggression. We are defending ourselves against YOUR ILLEGAL Attacks. There are tons of related cases. Randazza is unethical, and acts outside of the law in the same way over and over. The proof is EASY to see.
Tell the TRUTH. Do the RIGHT Thing.

Win or Lose ROCA LABS is the Tipping Point. As there is NO DENYING what YOU Randazza Legal Groupies do acting in conspiracy, aiding and abetting.

Whether the courts "believe" it or not, well that will be what it will be. But there is so much proof now, for you to keep Yammering the LIE is simply futile.


Ken White seems to think if you lie over and over it becomes the TRUTH, that is SIMPLY not a Reality based Notion or course of action as I See it.

Marc Randazza is the one that uses AGGRESSION instead of strategy. 

Randazza bullies, he sues, he threatens, he steals banking and wire information, he calls your ex's and threatens them, he calls your customer and clients and threatens them, he forces information from your church, he violates your constitutional rights, he violates your privacy rights, he endangers your life, makes your private emails public, violates your client rights, allegedly threatens to throw bombs if he can get away with it rumor has it, and he posts the make and models of porn insiders cars and hopes death upon them. Randazza is dangerously, violently, above the law AGGRESSIVE and so his his THUG gang stalking groupies and Randazza seems to think it's "Strategy".

Caution 100% FACT BELOW

Roca Labs Says:

"Despite being an Officer of the Court and a practicing member of the Florida Bar, RANDAZZA has waged his war against ROCA by intentionally and maliciously publishing many false and defamatory statements in his pleadings, with the intent to share them to his contacts in the media, and indeed by directly speaking to the media about ROCA with the intent to have them publish false, misleading and defamatory articles about ROCA, and by harassing and making derogatory statements about ROCA via his personal social media sites including his Twitter account"

Source and Full Legal Action against First Amendment PORN Attorney Marc Randazza aKa scumbag, hypocritical asshole, liar, and lawless."

NOW That is FACT whether a Court Agrees or NOT does not change that it is fact and the Randazza Legal Groupies do it over and over, year after year, case after case, target after target.

Folks, Look at the Details of the Crystal Cox case. The JUDGE sure seems to be getting Randazza's GAME. And he won't be able to play it much longer on many more victims. YAY.

Seems like my counterclaims are still alive and Dickhead Dazza's claims are actually NULL and VOID. .. have I really LOST Kenny Boy BLATHER?  Or do I just need a GOOD attorney to get My 10 Million for me?

 Easy Money.. Defamation and Malpractice still alive and WELL as far as I see it.
Want to Represent me? eMail me at 

Randazza v. Cox and COUNTERCLAIM Docket

Thing is YA look at my case. I would say I WON. 

I have exposed these guys, I fought back and I continue to so how did Randazza beat ME, Crystal Cox? HE DID NOT. Just because the courts FAIL to obey the law and FAIL to bring the Randazza Legal Groupies to Justice thus far that does not mean there will not be a tipping point and one day they will ALL go to Prison. That's my WISH.  And that they stop creating victims of porn industry whistleblowers and anyone else they don't like for whatever reason they come up with.

They attacked me for years from all sides 
and still I am in HISTORY books and they are NOT.
So Neener Neener

I WON. They DID NOT. YaY for Me. 

And well Roca Labs may win, maybe not. WHATEVER. What they said on the docket is FACT plain and simple over and over. And one day the Randazza Legal Groupies will go to PRISON for Criminal RICO and Racketeering.. Oh I hope and Pray.

Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group is KING of "frivolous lawsuits"

Marc Randazza got all BUTTHURT cuz I called his wife a slut, I bought his domain name and his wife and child... WOW and he was advertising as a Domain Name and trademark expert... NOT!!

oh and I FIRED his dumb, arrogant, abusive ass so he did not get to be the attorney on MY groundbreaking, landmark, stunning, first of it's kind AMAZING Free Speech case that I fought for and has now made history. And I WAS PRO SE.

Eugene Volokh, my awesome attorney on the case, defended the merits of the case I had already laid out and guess what I WON and now ALL Independent Bloggers have Equal Rights in the courts And the MONOPOLY that Big Media HAD on Free SPEECH is over.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group is NOT a TRUE First Amendment Advocate, he is a First Amendment Expert and he uses that to get his way, bully his targets, engage in online defamation and harassment campaigns and to STEAL intellectual property, get settlements, get his legal fees FORCED and much more SICK and I Allege, Illegal Outcomes.




The Ken White, unethical, paint in false light, flat out lying blog post is at
"Roca Labs, Lacking A Hornet Nest Into Which It Could Stick Its Dick, Has Sued Marc Randazza"

Adam Steinbaugh and Ken White.. Stroke Stroke Stroke on their favorite PRICK Marc Randazza. But gee darn that will NEVER turn the LIE into the TRUTH no matter how much you blather at what a GOOD GUY your hypocritical asshole GODDAZZA is.

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