Thursday, December 4, 2014

All I Can do is tell the whole TRUTH and nothing but. If Judges let the Randazza Legal Groupies break the LAW, well NOTHING I can do about it. Still the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH.

"New Jersey RICO, Crystal Cox v. Peter L. Michaelson. 18:1964 Racketeering (RICO) Act COX et al v. MICHAELSON et al. 3:13-cv-03136. 470 Racketeer/Corrupt Organization"

 COX et al v. MICHAELSON et al. 3:13-cv-03136

The Randazza Legal Groupies have been EXPOSED. Whether a Judge or any other person in a position of authority does anything about it, there is nothing I can do. I have filed in Federal Court, and it is clear that so have others. Randazza Legal Group I Allege is protected by the Porn Industry, which I allege is mob, mafia, also Russian mafia, human trafficking rings and well let's just say the baddest, darkest, most evil out there.

Still the TRUTH is the Truth and I, Monica Foster aKa Alexandria Mayers, Joseph Rakofsky, Roca Labs, Desi Foxx aKa Diana Grandmason, and many others have told the Truth about these guys again and again. Yet this gang stalking group of lawyers protect each other and are thus far protected by judges, and the justice system as a whole.

That Does NOT Change the TRUTH

The Truth is at that Investigative, Whistleblowing blogs of Monica Foster aKa Alexandria Mayers and Desi Foxx aKa Diana Grandmason and the PORN THUGS keep attacking, suing, threatening and well just because they are seemingly above the law, that does not make their YAMMER truthful, lawful and certainly not MORAL. 

 COX et al v. MICHAELSON et al. 3:13-cv-03136


New Jersey RICO, Crystal Cox v. Peter L. Michaelson.
and many other Randazza Legal Gang Stalking Groupies

New Jersey RICO

Research Links to More RICO Cases Filed by Crystal Cox against the Randazza Legal Groupies

Crystal L. Cox v. Randazza Legal Group Florida RICO ~ 1:13-cv-21924-DLG. Cox v. Randazza Legal Group, her Former Attorney Marc J. Randazza



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