Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RANDAZZA is all for the rights of ALL .. oh unless they exercise Free Speech to speak of him that is.

Randazza said there's no better publicity for Schutt than a lawsuit intended to shut him up.
"If you don't want to give Mr. Schutt more credence, you shouldn't sue him," said Randazza, adding that his client's blogs are either fact-based or his opinion. "He has a right to speak out about matters of public concern. Mr. Schutt is opinionated, but it's not like he's a lone wolf."
"In late March, the foundation asked a judge to dismiss Schutt's counterclaim, contending Schutt is "trying to whitewash his own unlawful behavior" and pointing out that the SLAPP suit law was enacted to protect citizens targeted after speaking out before governmental boards.
"This is a defamation action for public false statements about the foundation ... being posted on the blog site," said the foundation's lawyer, Ricardo Reyes of Boca Raton, adding that suing Schutt was regrettable but necessary.
"The foundation has always welcomed comments from residents," he said. "But no resident has a right to publish falsehoods. If you're the person against whom those defamatory statements are made, at some point enough is enough."

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